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Tool Pouch Set

JC-2211 Torque Wrench
- High accurate Torque Wrench (Tolerance +/- 4%)
- Extension...
JC-2648 Speedy Torque (2~10Nm)
- Small adjustable torque wrench
- With its 2-10 Nm range, e...
The JCOOL LS TOOL is a simple and stylish pocket tool for the recre...
JC-2266 L Wrench Tool
L Wrench is a cost effective tool which comes with a set of 10 bits...
JC-2327 Cigar Tool Kit
JC-2525 NP Torque Sleeve Tool Kit
- Plastic Storage Handle Driver, which can insert 4 bits and 1 Torq...
JC-2372 Torque Sleeve Pouch Set
The JCOOL Mini Ratchet and Torque Set incorporates the MRC or MRF t...
JC-2358 LSR Tool
- LipStick Tool with Ratchet System
- 4Bit included(3mm/4mm/...
JC-2471 T-Tool Pouch Set
The most perfect T-type tool, you can use any transformation of the...
JC-2631 Pedal Wrench
- Seat Post Measurement Tool
- Compatible with seat tube siz...
JC-5007 Bit Supply Kit
- 14bit included (2mm/2.5mm/3mm/4mm/5mm 6mm/8mm/T10/T15/T25/T30 PH1...
JC-2419 Multi Tool-S5
5 Stainless Steel Tool :
Hex : #
JC-2150 MRF Pouch Set
- Mini Ratchet Tool (flat)
- Tool Bit Extender(Red)
JC-2440 Multi Tool-S7
7 Stainless Steel Tool :
Hex : #
JC-2563 Handle bar Tubeless Insert Kit
- Handle bar Tubeless Insert Kit
- Tire Plugs 2 of Φ3.5m...
JC-2570 Bullet Tire Repair Tool
Emergency tire repair tool.
JC-2457 Multi Tool-S9
9 Stainless Steel Tool :
Hex : #2
JC-5038 Mini Tool Pouch
- Mini Tool Pouch Only (w/o any tools) Pouch

Size : ...
JC-5243/JC-5250 Replacement tubeless plugs
JC-5243 Replacement tubeless plugs
- 20 of Φ3.5mm x 50mm...
JC-2587 Handle Bar Hex Insert
Aluminum tube body , Magentic Bit Holder.
- Seat Post Measurement Tool
- Compatible with seat tube siz...
JC-5199 Long Hex Key wrench
- 9 pcs long hex key wrench tool set Hex : #1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10m...
JC-2594 Handle Bar Chain Breaker insert Kit
Don't let broken chains ruin your journey.
JC-5205 Patch Kit
No glue, fast tire repair.
*. 2 boxes in a box
*. Eac...
JC-5120 Tool Caddy
- Fits for all water bottle cages. Caddy only, w/o products inside....
JC-2464 Multi Tool-S16
16 Stainless Steel Tool :
Hex : #2.5,3,4,5,6,8mm